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  Library Card

1. Access to the University Library is restricted to staff and students of the University who are in possession of a current valid identification card issued by the University, and the other person authorized by the Librarian. The library card can be used by card-holder only.

2. (1) Non-degree Program Students need to sign relevant agreements with the library, and then shall be handled in accordance with the unified provisions. (2) To access the library, visitors should show resident identity cards,and Pay management fees then visitors can read books.

3. Reporting lost or stolen library cards IC Card holders may report lost or stolen of IC cards at the Registration Center of university. Readers are responsible for all books borrowed before reporting and any payment from them. Before departure from the university, the card holders (either IC cards or bar-code library cards) should return all the materials borrowed from library and pay off the fines or claims for missing books.

4. And we also provide universal library card of University Libraries in Jiangsu Province; the school faculty, graduate students can apply for this card. Contact: Wang Bo Tel: 84315684

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