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  Off-Campus Access

Using the Electronic Resources Remote Accessing Control System, most of the Library¡¯s electronic resources are available to current users from anywhere off campus. You must first be authenticated.

(1) (campus VPN): https://vpn.njust.edu.cn (teacher), The username and password of the account is the same as that you use to access the campus network .Please contact the Computer and Information Management Center of University at84315650¡¢84315651if you have any problem with your account

(2)Http:// candidate and schoolfellow Readers) , Users have to fill out "Nanjing University of Science and Technology Library e-resources remote access application form" and carry valid documents to handle the relevant formalities in the library every Wednesday at 14:30 to room 125 .The remote access application only for PhD students and schoolfellow readers open, doctoral students need Department seal and signature of the supervisor can apply for. Contact phone: 84315903. Please do comply with the Copyright Statement for E-resources and read the information about the Electronic Resources Access Control System.

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