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  Copyright Statement

In order to protect the intellectual property rights of electronic resources, to maintain the reputation of Nanjing University of Science and Technology and to guarantee the legal rights of all authorized users as well, the library appeals to all the organizations and individuals to pay attention to and comply with the regulations on intellectual property rights of electronic resources.

1. Databases is only available to authorized users, our school authorized users include school staffs, full-time students, postdoctoral, visiting scholars, and the part-time personnel of school (hereinafter referred to as the "authorized users").

2. Authorized users should follow the reasonable principles in the use of resources, any redistributing electronic literatures to non-Nanjing University of Science and Technology users and any use of these electronic literatures for the purpose of making profits is prohibited.

3. Any downloading of the library-subscribed electronic resources by any software tools is prohibited.

4. Any systematically over downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.

5. If there is any violation of the above rules, the library will make a thorough investigation together with university departments concerned. The violator will be punished by the following actions:

(1) The violator must submit self-criticism to the library, and to ensure that similar violations do not occur in the future.

(2) The violator should remove malicious download resources.

(3) Criticize the violator on library website for his wrong behavior;

(4) Suspend the violatorí»s borrowing privilege from the library is suspended for more than two months under half a year;

(5) If necessary ,the library will require the violator to make compensation, according to the purchase price of the banned resources, and estimated economic losses, If there is any serious violation, the violator will be punished and reported to the university, and all the legal consequences shall be taken by the violator itself.

Copyright@Library, Nanjing University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.