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Department contacts place Tel E-mail
office Zhao Hui Room 323 84315902 tsgbgs@mail.njust.edu.cn
Collection Development Department Li Xiaopeng Room 119 84315682 tsgcb@mail.njust.edu.cn
Circulation Department Duan Mei Room411 84303046 tsgduzhe@njust.edu.cn
Digital projects & special collection Guo Weibing Room 228 84315913 tsgyl@mail.njust.edu.cn
Systems Department Gong Sheng Room 125 84315903 tsgsys@mail.njust.edu.cn
Reference Cui Lin Room 223 84314962 tsgxx@mail.njust.edu.cn
Advisory  For Information Resource Fang Conghui Room 219 84315905 libresearch@mail.njust.edu.cn
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