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Self-service photocopiers
Self-service photocopiers are available in the library.
Service location:(1)Room109 (2)Room 209. Welcome to use!
Self-service machine
For the convenience of readers borrow books, the library introduced self-service system, the system operation procedure is simple, the reader only needs to operate in accordance with the steps, the reader can complete the borrowing and returning books, the process is about more than ten seconds.
Self-service reading machine
There are two self-service reading machines in the library lobby. It includes 300 kinds of periodicals and digital newspapers.
Moreover,The reader can read through the PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iRiver Story, SONY Reader, Nook and other platforms,
The reader seminar room
There are five reader seminar rooms in the library,they are room 310,room311,room312,room313,room316,room 312 is the best choice for small meeting, with the projector, the moving magnetic blackboard.
Information Commons
Since 2009,  Nanjing University of Science and Technology Information Commons  are available in the room 209 of the library,it includes video projection area, resources, self-service area, lecture hall, etc.
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