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  Interlibrary Loan
Document Delivery
 If you could not borrow the books what you need in the school,   now you can log on the library homepage. By "interlibrary loan" link of the bibliographic retrieval system, you can query and apply for borrowing book from the other library, the book will be delivered to you within a week.
1. First, log on the bibliographic retrieval system,fill out your account Information: Name, Department Category, Campus ID card Number, Contact Number, E-mail, etc.
2. By "viewing the collection", you can view the collection of five university library , including Nanjing University of Science and Technology , Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing Forestry University  , Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing Sport Institute.  If you need to borrow, click on the title of the book into the application interface. Note: the same books are not allowed to apply for two libraries at the same time; each card can apply for borrowing books up to 2 copies.
3 Books will be delivered in every Monday and Thursday afternoon, the service will be suspended during the holidays and vacations. 
4. After the books are acquired, the reader will be informed to go to Office to take the books by E-mail, please go through the formalities in your university library as soon as possible. 

Interlibrary Loan
In order to make the needs of teachers and students satisfied about not collected documents,  libraries have established interlibrary loan and document delivery cooperation relationship with CALIS, CASHL, libraries of colleges and universities (such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University), National Library of China, Shanghai library, NSTL etc. According to the copyright, provide interlibrary loan service and delivery of photocopies of books, periodicals, conference papers, reports, standards, ancient literature, past newspapers.

Application :  log on http://ill.js.calis.edu.cn/gateway/  & CASHL http://www.cashl.edu.cn/portal/index.jsp,Submit the application of document delivery.  
For Users within University: 
1.(1) First, new users have to register an account.(CALIS   CASHL ).Use individual campus ID card number and password to confirm identity. Click "New User Register" --> Select "Formal User Register"--> Fill Out Account Information: Name, Department Category, Campus ID Card Number, Contact Number, etc. (Note: Items marked with * have to be completed.)
(2) After that ,Please bring valid credentials to confirm to the library room 213. 
(3) After confirmation, log on to submit your document delivery application.           
2.Download and fill out "document delivery application",Send E-mail to tsgzx5@mail.njust.edu.cn,Call 025-84314962 for the confirmation by phone. 
3.Go to Room 224, Library for the counter confirmation

For Users outside University :
    Download and fill out "document delivery application", Send E-mail to tsgzx5@mail.njust.edu.cn,Call 025-84314962 for the confirmation by phone. 
     the other ways :by phone (025-84314962),tax(025-84314962),and  Go to Room 224, Library for the counter confirmation

For Users within University 
literature within University:5.00/paper.  
Document Delivery Charge = Processing Charge+ Delivery Charge    
Processing Charge: documents collected within the CALIS network libraries: RMB 2.00/paper; documents collected in the libraries other than the CALIS network libraries in China: RMB 5.00; documents collected in the foreign libraries: RMB 10.00    Delivery Charge: charged according to the costs.  
For Users outside University :
     literature within University: Document Delivery Charge = Processing Charge (RMB 5.00)  + Copying Charge(0.5 Yuan/page)+ Delivery Charge 
     literature outside University: Original price + Delivery Charge + Processing Charge (RMB10.00).
Charge of Interlibrary Loan
service charges are as follows:
(1) Shanghai Libraries: RMB 20.00 per book (Without the express fee)
(2) National Library of China: RMB 20.00 per book (Without the express fee)
(3) CASHL Interlibrary Loan Fee: RMB 80.00 per. book  (Without the express fee)
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