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Subject Librarian

Department (School) Subject Librarian  contact information
School of Mechanical Engineering  Zan Jing 

   84314962   tsgzx5@njust.edu.cn 

School of Chemical Engineering Zeng Qingqing

   84315604   zqqmr@126.com

School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology Zhou Beibei

   84318649   tsgzx6@njust.edu.cn

School of Computer Science and Technology

Gong Kaili

   84314962   tsgzx2@njust.edu.cn
School of Economics and Management  Yu Nan

   84315604   29407720@qq.com

School of energy and power engineering  Key Laboratory


   84314962   tsgzx3@njust.edu.cn
School of Automation

 Zhou Minhua

   84315604   zmh700@126.com

School of Science Wang Yinhui

   84315604   yh-w@163.com 

School of materials science and Engineering  Cui Lin

   84314962   tsgxx@njust.edu.cn

School of Foreign Studies  Zhou Guangxi

   84318649   zgx_chn@163.com 

School of Humanities and Social Science

Cheng Yao

   84318649   tsgzx@njust.edu.cn
School of Environmental and Biological Engineering  Zhang Tingting    84314962   tsgzxy@njust.edu.cn
School of Design and Communication Wang Ying

   84315604   xinxi@njust.edu.cn 

School of Continuing Education  Zhou Beibei    84318649   tsgzx6@njust.edu.cn
School  of  International  Education  Gong Kaili    84314962   tsgzx2@njust.edu.cn
Department of School  Cui Lin    84314962   tsgxx@njust.edu.cn
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